Wednesday, May 6, 2020

Day 06 - 400+ #BookReviewBlogChallenge

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Just the first second of the hundreds of chapters

The sixth prompt for the Book Review Blog Challenge hosted by Ann over at Great New Reads is any book over 400 pages. OK, so I'm going to talk to you guys about the longest book I've ever read. It's not actually a book.

So, this is a story published online in serial format. There's no ebook, or physical book, and as far as I can tell... there isn't going to be one. The author, wildbow or J. McCrae, has written a sequel and a few other stories. They're all incredibly long, but I'm going to talk about Worm.

Worm was the first of wildbow's stuff I read. It took me the last 3rd of the year in 2014 for me to read it and it's a staggering 6680 pages. I gave it four out of five stars. The story follows Taylor, a quiet girl who finds out she has strange powers over bugs, as she's thrust into the cape scene and has to deal with moral ambiguity of superheroes and their powers. It's a dark read that only gets darker the further in you go and I STILL think about this story even though it's been over 5 years since I read it. I haven't yet read the sequel as the ending of Worm really bothered me, but maybe one day. If ever, ever it's published... even if he has to do it in the 24 or so books he figures it would have to be, I'd buy them all.

You can find wildbow's blog here and his patron here. There's also a subreddit about the series here. It's fascinating and inspiring to me that he's managed to find such an online following that people are still reading his stuff and he's able to maintain a life just writing without even officially publishing a thing. Very cool.


  1. Wow! 6680 pages! The story should be really good

    1. It was pretty fantastic! Thanks for stopping by!


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